Live at NamestiLive at Namesti
Live at Namesti
The Marc Atkinson Trio - 2000The Marc Atkinson Trio - 2000
The Marc Atkinson Trio - 2000
Apple PieApple Pie
Apple Pie "We could have been huge" Scott White, Dan Tait, Marc Atkinson and Matt Pease - 1996
Toronto 1995Toronto 1995
Toronto 1995 - Adrian Schaumberger, Dave Clark and Marc
The NobodysThe Nobodys
The Nobodys - Dan Tait, Doug Gailbraith, Matt Pease, Laurent Bouchet, Scott Sheeving, Scott White, Marc Atkinson "Pure Improv" 1993 - Eternity
Loose - Scott White (friedsitar), Marc Atkinson and James McRae - Photograph by Julia Birke
Birth of the TrioBirth of the Trio
The Birth of the Trio "The Demo"
The Bill Hilly BandThe Bill Hilly Band
The Bill Hilly Band - Beau Klaibert, Chris Frye, Marc Atkinson, Adrian Dolan, Paul Dowd and Glen Manders 2000
Caravan, jamming at Pags Chris Frye, Marc Atkinson and Daniel Lapp
The LooseThe Loose
The cover shot for the Loose "Live and Rugged" album Scott White, Marc, and James McRae
The NobodysThe Nobodys
The Nobodys in concert Marc Atkinson and Scott White

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