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the marc atkinson trio: III

(Independent, 2005)

  1. A Fire in the Rain (5:08) 
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  2. The Proposal (3:57) 
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  3. String Bustin' Rag (4:44) 
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  4. Where or When (4:15) 
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  5. Stolen Blues (5:19) 
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  6. Dierdre (1:44) 
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  7. Cinque Terre (3:13) 
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  8. Dumeresq (4:41) 
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  9. Albinoni's Bolero (4:29) 
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  10. Black & Tan Fantasy (3:54) 
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  11. Cleo's Claws (2:26) 
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  12. Dunsmuir Road (3:53) 
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